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‘HIGH ALTITUDE’ Caffeinated Kendal Mint Cake


High-performance energy with Glucose and Caffeine.

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A high-performance twist on the traditional British energy-giving confection for outdoor activities. Kendal Mint Cake was part of the high altitude ration carried on the first successful ascent of Mount Everest.

Contains caffeine, which numerous studies have shown to delay fatigue, improve exercise performance and increase alertness. With a high caffeine content of 250mg per 100g, each 40g bar contains the equivalent of a strong cup of coffee!

Packed with glucose, which is the ideal energy source for high-exertion activities; it is used directly by both body and brain.

Traditionally made in Kendal, United Kingdom. Packed into strong pocket-size cases, ideal for outdoor adventures or even kept in the car for those long journeys. Each case contains two individually wrapped 40g bars.

Kendal Mint Cake is an extremely popular and tasty energy snack for those involved in outdoor activities. ‘High Altitude’ has the benefit of added caffeine, making it a real high-performance energy booster.

Caffeine is a well-known and very well-studied stimulant, found naturally in many plants such as coffee beans and kola nuts. Numerous studies have been done on caffeine relating to sports performance, and it is known to significantly boost performance and delay fatigue.

When combined with the easily absorbed and high-energy glucose and sugar, ‘High Altitude’ is ideal for those activities that really push the human body, such as mountain climbing.

Both caffeine and glucose increase alertness and wakefulness, making this product ideal for times when you have to push on despite being fatigued or sleep-deprived. Especially useful for long journeys in the car, kept in your glove box as a convenient pick-me-up.

‘High Altitude’ keeps very well so it is ideal for long-term storage as an emergency energy supply. Two individually wrapped 40g bars are packed into each pocket-size case, which is made of lightweight and durable polypropylene. This keeps the product safe inside and allows convenient storage of part-eaten bars when carried in a rucksack. The case can even be re-purposed once you have enjoyed your ‘High Altitude’, ideal for pocket storage of such things as survival kits, compasses and all manner of small outdoor items.

NB: Due to the high caffeine content, this product is not recommended for children or pregnant women.


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