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Highly effective liquid plaster, easy to apply ‘no sting’ formula.

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Regular plasters are a thing of the past with new Liquid Skin®.

Liquid Skin® acts to close and seal minor cuts, abrasions and blisters, and conforms to all body contours to provide a protective shield on elbows, knees, knuckles, finger tips, neck, feet and other flexible parts of the body; more versatile than an entire box of plasters!

Liquid Skin® is suitable for use on all of the family and can be carried everywhere; perfect for those times when you are out and about and you wish you had something to treat that nasty cut!

The wound closing and sealing ability of Liquid Skin® is thanks to ‘Formulated Medical Cyanoacrylate’, a Medical Grade Adhesive, or ‘skin glue’ which has been time-proven and safely used by the medical profession for decades as a treatment for wounds such as lacerations.
Liquid Skin® is a low-odour and painless ‘no sting’ formula that is quickly and easily applied using the handy 1g size pipette.

The sealing of a clean wound helps to prevent infection by limiting the exposure to dirt and germs, something regular plasters cannot.
Liquid Skin® also acts to seal in the body’s natural oils and moisture, enhancing the natural healing process.

The protective layer that Liquid Skin® forms is fully waterproof and sweatproof, and will last for up to 5 days dependent on skin care. After that time the layer will start to come off naturally, just like a scab.

It is an ideal addition to first aid kits or your ‘every day carry’, and perfect for people involved in all manner of activities; sports, hiking, fishing, camping, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking etc. It is small and light enough to be unnoticeable amongst even the most lightweight of gear.


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