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Attach-anywhere utility lights. Pocket-sized, bright COB LED with magnetic, hook & loop, and clip attachment functions. Two per pack.

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Versatile, bright utility lights that can be attached to pretty much anything! Their compact size allows them to be easily carried at all times, and makes them ideal for emergencies, outdoor activities, cycling and automotive uses.

Highly durable aluminium cube-shaped body featuring various attachment surfaces and an easy-to-use toggle power switch. Bright and efficient ‘COB’-type LED unit for great illumination at night. Sprung clip allows quick attachment to your gear or hanging inside a tent, etc.

Powerful neodymium magnetic surface for attaching the lights to steel surfaces, such as most vehicle bodies, metal doors or industrial structures. Ideal as a pocket-sized automotive work light.

Hook & loop attachment system, featuring both a hook pad and a loop pad along with a hook & loop strap. This allows the OmniTorch to be attached to anything with this type of surface such as bags, hats and jackets. The strap can be wrapped around anything like poles, branches and bicycle handlebars, allowing for a wide variety of applications.

An LED light is essential when working in darkness, but you can’t always hold it in the right place, especially when working with both hands, and sometimes you may leave a larger work light at home.

The OmniTorch has been designed to always be in the right place at the right time, and to be as practical as possible with the following features:

The cube-shaped body allows it to be placed down on surfaces without rolling away like a traditional flashlight.

Its small size allows the unit to be unobtrusively carried almost anywhere, so you are never without light when you need it.

A sprung clip means you can keep it safely attached to your gear or hang it from inside a tent, and many other places; an ideal multi-purpose light to take camping with you.

A neodymium magnet allows the light to firmly attach to steel surfaces; perfect for sticking to your car’s wheel arch when you need to change a wheel in the dark.

The hook & loop pads can be used to attach it onto any gear that features these surfaces, which also means it can be quickly made into a head torch by attaching it to a hat or head strap with hook & loop surfaces.

The hook & loop pads work with the included strap to allow attachment to anything the strap will wrap around or through, such as; poles, branches, bicycle handlebars, fishing rods, gates and fences.

Self-adhesive hook & loop pads are also commonly available, that would allow you to provide a mounting point for an OmniTorch, such as inside a car interior or on walls for an emergency grab-and-go light.

Pack includes: 2x OmniTorch utility lights, and 2x hook & loop straps. Each unit uses two easy-to-change CR2032 lithium batteries, which are included.

Each unit size: 31mm x 29mm x 59mm. Weight: 44g. Maximum strap diameter: 45mm. Brightness: 60 lumens. Run time: 8-10 hours.

Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

2 reviews for OmniTorch

  1. David E Crossley

    These are excellent, versatile, little lights. Each is bright enough for the vast majority of jobs, including reading small text, but they are so compact and light in weight that if you need more light for a detailed task then connecting the 2 together using their hook and loop pads (as they arrive in their packet) and switching both on really brightly illuminates whatever you are working on. I tried one using the magnet on the car body in the garage, and then out in the woods last night while walking the dog, using the Velcro pad on a hat as a mount for the torch, and later using the provided strap as a wrist brace while putting together the requirements for a camp fire, and then hanging from a cord while checking a local map, and a single torch was plenty bright enough for all tasks, but it’s nice to know the other is there if needed (and if I can reclaim it from my wife’s handbag!).

    All of the fixing systems are secure, as is the screw thread for the batteries, but also easily undone when needed. The batteries are commonly available in supermarkets, so availability of replacements should never be a problem. I haven’t yet had time to confirm how long the batteries will last in constant use (Polymath say 8-10 hours) but the light is an LED so they should last quite a while, even at 60 lumens.

    Another excellent piece of outdoor kit from Polymath, at an easily affordable price, and with fast delivery as always (ordered Sunday night, delivered Tuesday morning).

  2. Gavin Earnshaw

    Pretty much agree with all of David’s comments.
    I bought them to use for Dog walking at night. We use the clip onto his collar and as a Border Collie his white legs and the swinging light mean it is very hard to lose him. Shame we can’t do something with the tennis balls that actually lasts!

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Each unit size: 31mm x 29mm x 59mm.

Weight: 44g.

Maximum strap diameter: 45mm.

Brightness: 60 lumens.

Batteries: 2x CR2032 button cells per unit