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Optec Anti-Fog

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Pocket-sized anti-fogging/misting spray for motorcycle visors, cycling and ski goggles, virtual reality headsets and glasses.

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Effective, easy-to-use anti-fog spray that prevents fogging of visors, eyewear and optics, keeping your view clear.

Alcohol-free, water-based formula ensures the product is safe to use on all types of plastic and glass materials.

Maintains great optical clarity whilst delivering the anti-fog effect, making it perfect for spectacles, virtual reality sets and optics. Includes microfibre cloth for application and buffing.

Ideal for motorcycle visors, cycling and ski goggles, airsoft masks and all manner of sports eyewear. Please note: Like all anti-fog preparations, Optec does not work on anti-reflective coated surfaces.

Pocket-sized, credit card-shaped container means it can be easily and unobtrusively carried.

Whether you are someone who wears glasses, a motorcyclist, cyclist, skier or someone who uses the latest virtual reality headsets, fogging can be a big problem.
Unless the temperature and humidity are just right, fogging/misting almost always occurs on the glass and plastic surfaces we rely upon for clear vision.

Optec Anti-Fog prevents this by creating a superhydrophilic layer, meaning any water vapour will form into a clear film on the surface instead of the usual microscopic droplets that create the fogging problem.

There are a lot of anti-fog products out there, and all work to some degree, but many can create a ‘wobbly’ image, like looking through textured glass, as the water film becomes uneven. Optec is designed to maintain an even film as the water is absorbed onto the surface, keeping the image undistorted.

Packaged in a nifty ‘credit card’ spray bottle, it will fit neatly and comfortably into even the smallest of pockets, making it perfect for motorcycling, mountain biking and skiing, where normal-shaped bottles would be difficult to carry.

Package contains: 20ml Optec Anti-Fog, 1x microfibre lens cloth.

Concentrated formula provides up to 150 applications per 20ml container.
Container size: 8.5cm x 5.5cm x 1cm.
Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

1 review for Optec Anti-Fog

  1. Will Ryder-Davies

    For skiing goggles, so far so good. May have to be reapplied halfway through the day but not a problem with its handy size.

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Concentrated formula provides up to 150 applications per 20ml container.
Container size: 8.5cm x 5.5cm x 1cm.