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Polymath Products LED Beanie Hat

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Fend off the cold and the dark; a warm, comfortable beanie hat with built-in USB-rechargeable LED light.

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Comfortable knitted beanie hat with a USB rechargeable bright 4-LED light, with three brightness settings. A great alternative to a head torch; allows you to see and be seen in the dark!

‘One size fits all’, unisex design. 100% acrylic fabric for excellent insulation and moisture-wicking properties. The LED unit is easily removable for when the hat needs washing.

The LED unit puts out a bright light for up to 4 hours of continuous use, and then can be easily removed from the hat, and charged via USB from an in-car charger, power bank, desktop / laptop PC, phone charger plug or any other USB charging device.

Ideal headwear for a wide range of outdoor activities; perfect for camping, hiking, mountaineering, snow sports, running, cycling, fishing, dog-walking, and as a hands-free outdoor / automotive work light. Keep one in your rucksack, bag or car glovebox for when the need arises.

Black fabric contrasting with machine-embroidered ‘Polymath Products’ logo in white.

A warm, comfortable beanie hat with a seriously useful built-in 4-LED lamp, making this the ideal multi-function hat for all of your favourite outdoor activities. Keeps your head nice and warm, makes you safely visible, and allows you to see what you’re doing and find your way in the dark! Never again be stuck without a torch with this hat!

Easy-to-use LED light unit can switch between three brightness settings and off again at the press of a button. The LED unit can be popped out of the hat and then plugged into any standard USB port for easy recharging, and with the light unit removed the hat can be put in the wash.

As well as being a great gift for outdoorsy friends and family, this versatile headgear is the perfect functional accessory for your own outdoor pursuits; camping, hiking, winter walks, mountaineering, snow sports, running, cycling, fishing, dog-walking, and as a hands-free outdoor / automotive work light. It’s compact and lightweight too, so can be kept on you at all times; fits nicely into even a pocket or small bag!

1 review for Polymath Products LED Beanie Hat

  1. David E Crossley

    *Note: review first posted on Amazon in Feb 2018

    Well, this came at just the right time. Our weather forecast is for a blast of arctic weather arriving within the next couple of days and it was -4C last night so I’ll believe them. Head torches are so useful in many situations when you need the use of both hands that I use them when camping, in the garden, picking up after the dog when I’m walking her at night, or in the morning at this time of year, and I keep one in the car. The problem is that not all of them work well when I also want to wear a hat and this Polymath one, with 3 light levels so that you can adjust what you need to maximise battery time, will be a real bonus in the freezing weather.

    The hat is wonderfully warm and comfortable, and plenty big enough to pull down over your ears and the back of your head. The light is effective at all levels, from low for close range jobs, to high for safely finding your way on remote paths, and it charges quickly from any suitable power source. While charging the lights flash and then go out once the charge is complete. There is a small rubber cover that protects the USB tab when it isn’t in use and the light easily pops out of the back of its mount on the hat when you need to charge it, or if you want to use it elsewhere, but is secure when in place.

    This is an excellent hat and light at a very acceptable price.

    Sept: 2019 – both the hats and lights are still working perfectly and all comments above remain just as valid as when first posted.

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Material: 100% acrylic
Size: ‘One size fits all’
Hat dimensions (when flat): 21cm x 21cm
Hat weight: 97g
Maximum light output: 120 lumens