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Spitfire Fire Starter

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Essential fire-lighting tool; dependable ignition in all weathers.

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Essential kit for fire lighting – a Ferrocerium Rod (also known as a ‘fire steel’) and steel Striker that will provide reliable ignition in all weathers.

Featuring a top-quality, chunky (9.5mm diameter) Ferrocerium rod that produces a shower of 3,000° C sparks, and will start many hundreds of fires.

The durable steel Striker reliably strikes large showers of sparks onto your tinder, and features a built-in bottle opener, making this the perfect campfire accessory!

The Ferro Rod and Striker come attached to a cord loop, offering plenty of options for carrying and affixing them to your outdoor gear, and keeping the two fire-lighting elements securely together, while allowing freedom of movement for easy striking.

The Spitfire Fire Starter is a compact, easy to carry and highly effective fire lighting tool, designed to allow its user to quickly and reliably get a fire started, regardless of weather conditions.

Combining a chunky 9.5mm diameter Ferrocerium (fire steel) rod with a robust steel Striker to produce a large volume of 3,000° C sparks, this is a no-nonsense tool that’s both dependable and durable, and is effective for up to 12,000 strikes.

The Spitfire Fire Starter is perfect for bushcraft, camping, festivals, hiking and many other outdoor activities. It’s an essential piece of outdoor gear that’s compact enough to be added to a survival kit, attached with the cord to a rucksack, webbing or gear loop, or carried in a pocket / pouch.

Package contains:
Ferrocerium Rod (9.5mmØ x 55mm useable rod)
Striker with built-in bottle opener
Cord loop with above items attached

Available as a single fire starter or as a two-pack; please select your option at the top of this listing.

Fire starter total weight: 54g

NB: Product for use by adults only.

2 reviews for Spitfire Fire Starter

  1. David E Crossley

    I got my original versions of these fire rods in the Spitfire pocket kits but have used them so often that these replacements were very welcome and I have bought some extras to keep for when needed. They are high in the list of the most efficient ferro rods I have used, and there have been an awful lot of those. If you don’t have a good supply of Polymath’s waxed jute sticks then get plenty of those too, when fluffed up they will light reliably to a single spark from one of these rods, as will many other forms of tinder but the waxed jute sticks are also compact and highly water-resistant. If you need/want a ferro rod, you can’t go wrong with these.

  2. Andy Froy

    I’m a bit of a Geek when it comes to Fire steel’s!
    The Spitfire Fire steel definitely ticks all the boxes!! Very good service!
    Thank you. 👍

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Ferrocerium Rod (9.5mmØ x 55mm useable rod)

Fire starter total weight: 54g

Spark temperature: 3,000° C

Lifespan: Up to 12,000 strikes