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Spitfire Fireside Multi-Tool


Compact fireside tool, featuring fire bellows tube, liquid-fuelled lighter and bottle opener.

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Multi-function fireside tool, comprising of an extendable fire bellows tube, liquid-fuelled lighter and bottle opener. Get your fire or barbecue going with ease, then crack open your favourite bottled beverage.

The built-in lighter is a compact liquid-fuelled unit, and easy to use for lighting campfires, bonfires, stoves, open fires and barbecues. Refillable fuel reservoir for many hundreds of ignitions.

The telescopic tube extends to 49cm (19.3”), allowing you to directly blow extra oxygen into the heart of the fire, turning even the most difficult-to-burn fuel into a stable fire within minutes. Keeps you a safe and pleasant distance from the heat of the fire and helps keep nasty smoke out of your eyes!

The snap hook attachment incorporates a handy bottle opener; always useful to have one of these to hand! The Spitfire Fireside Multi-Tool is ideal for camping, festivals, outdoor parties, fireplaces, wood stoves, fire pits and barbecues.

The Spitfire Fireside Multi-Tool features three functions:

Lighter: Refillable unit (fuel not included; use conventional liquid lighter fluid, available in hardware stores). Compact and unobtrusive design, with reliable and easy operation for getting your fire lit with minimal fuss.

Pocket Bellows: Telescopic tube in durable stainless steel. Simple in operation; extend the bellows out to its full length of 49cm (19.3”), and with the larger diameter end in your mouth, point the other end into the heart of the fire and blow gently. This will direct additional air (containing oxygen) into the fire; an essential part of the ‘fire triangle’ which consists of Oxygen, Heat and Fuel. With additional oxygen it is amazing how quickly a fire increases in intensity, even from a weak fire that would otherwise go out. Impress friends by getting that campfire, fire pit or barbecue going first time, every time.

Bottle Opener: Built in to the snap hook attachment, ensuring you’ll always have to hand the means to get your drinks opened and flowing. Saves you having to scrabble around or hunt for one, or even worse – not have one at all! Stainless steel construction for secure attachment to camping gear, hooks, keyrings or rucksacks. Robust, ergonomic design for easy bottle cap removal.

Size: 125mm length (collapsed) x 16mm diameter. Total weight: 45g.
Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

Product for use by adults only.


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Size: 125mm length (collapsed) x 16mm diameter.

Total weight: 45g.