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Keyring storage capsules. Stylish and secure way of carrying small everyday essentials.

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Perfect for storing small items for everyday or outdoor use, simply clipped onto your keys, kept in bags or secured in gear loops.

Ideal for everyday items; medicines, nutritional supplements, hearing aid batteries, AAA battery, miniature sewing kit etc.

Ideal for outdoor items; matches with striker paper, tinder, miniature survival kits, air rifle pellets, ear plugs, water purification tablets, fishing hooks etc.

Lightweight and waterproof with a quick and simple pop-off cap and removable inner capsule. A black and brass 12 gauge cartridge design that looks awesome wherever you put it.

Simple but effective storage capsules for a variety of small everyday items.
Using the included split rings, Stash Shots can be attached to your keys and gear or kept in even the smallest of pouches.

Very lightweight design helps to prevent carrying a heavy set of keys yet remains strong enough to be chucked about whilst protecting whatever is placed inside, keeping it dry and safe.
Ideal for people who must carry pills on a daily basis or those who would like to keep spare batteries for hearing aids or a keyring torch etc. (several small cell batteries or 1x AAA battery)
Perfect for anyone involved in outdoor sports, camping and survival, making an ideal match storage or miniature survival kit container.

A great gift for shooting sports enthusiasts; practical for storing air rifle pellets (approx. twenty .22 or thirty .177 calibre) or storing a pair of ear plugs, great as a back-up if you have forgotten your full size hearing protectors! Based on real 12 gauge cartridges, they will appeal to shooters and naturally fit into shotgun shell belts and holders.

Semi-flexible materials make the Stash Shots very resistant to the rough and tumble of pocket storage.
The plastic caps are quick and simple to pop off by first pushing sideways with your thumb.
The inner capsule can also be pulled out, the semi-transparent material allowing viewing of the contents.

Note: Stash Shots are provided empty; items in photographs are for reference only.
Size: 72.5mm length x 22.3mm diameter. Interior: 34.6mm length x 16.1mm diameter (plus 13mm length x 10.8mm diameter in end cap). Weight: 15g. Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

Each pack contains two Stash Shots. Choose above either one pack of two, or two packs of two (value pack).

1 review for Stash Shots

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    Graham Gordon (verified owner)

    Excellent product, strong & well made. I have these perfect for that back up for a back up kind of items. I have my two as zip pull handles with 2 pain killers, 2 ibuprofen, a £10 note & some ear plugs.

    The product has held up very well over the last 6 months with daily use (as a rucksack zip puller), however I did find the keyring pull loop to be a little bit tight, that said, once you have it once, you wont need to remove it due to the inner tube been removable.

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Stash Shot dimensions: 72.5mm length x 22.3mm diameter.

Stash Shot weight: 15g.