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Survival Fishing Kit


Palm-sized fishing kit. Provides an array of different emergency fishing methods.

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Neat little fishing kit that is small enough to include in the most compact of loads, yet provides the capability of catching a wide variety of food sources from sea, river or stream. A fantastic addition to any survival tin, kit or bag.

It provides a generous 50m (164 ft) length of sensibly strong 10lb Line in the easy-to-use reel. It includes enough Hooks and Jigheads for setting up a few static bank lines, at the same time as casting out with a rod, which can be made with the included Brass Eye Screws and a stick.

A variety of components allow for many types of fishing set-ups. The Lures allow you to catch predatory fish. The bottled Attractant allows for bait fishing in murky water. The Balloon Float and Weights allow for a variety of bottom or float fishing.

The included Catching Net allows you to catch fish that are too small to easily catch on a hook, and be used to collect crayfish, crabs and other crustaceans. A valuable resource that other survival fishing kits miss out on.

Packed in plastic container, within outer re-sealable pouch with instruction sheet.

The Survival Fishing Kit is compact enough to fit in the smallest of pockets. It only weighs 54g, yet efficiently provides all the necessary line, weights, hooks, lures and accessories for catching many of the fish and crustaceans that may be sourced in a survival situation.

The practical container allows you to store the small components once opened, whilst the separate reel keeps the line neat and kink-free.

Given its compact size, it can be added to many existing survival tins and kits, giving a boost to their capability. It is useful for anyone venturing out into the wilderness where rivers or coastlines may become a bountiful food source, with the right equipment. Also useful for maritime equipment and lifeboat kits, where this small kit provides equal or better capability than some larger survival fishing kits that may end up not being carried, due to their bulk.

This kit would be an ideal gift for anyone interested in bushcraft, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and many other outdoor activities.

Kit Contents:
50m Line, 10lb
1x Catching Net
2x Weight, 5g
2x Jighead, 1g
1x Jighead, 3.5g
4x Hook, Size 10
4x Brass Eye Screw
4x Barrel Swivel
1x Shad Lure
2x Maggot Lure
2x Bloodworm Lure
2x Flasher Spoon
2x Glow Stick
1ml Attractant Liquid
1x Balloon (Float)
1x Rubber Band

Package contains: 1 Survival Fishing Kit with instruction sheet. Parts may vary in colour. Product for use by adults only.

Kit size: 8cm diameter x 1.5cm. Kit weight: 54g.

Made in the UK by Polymath Products.


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Kit size: 8cm diameter x 1.5cm. Kit weight: 54g.