Here’s the privacy policy that we (Polymath Products) work to when handling information that you provide to us when using the Polymath Products website:

Our policy is to duly treat data that you give us with care and discretion, in order to protect your privacy as a customer and user of our site.

We may occasionally make amendments to this policy in order to maintain privacy and security for our customers and website users. So please do check back periodically to satisfy yourself that we’re handling your data appropriately.

What data do we collect from you?

When placing an order, we collect your name, delivery address and billing address (if different), telephone number and e-mail address.

When paying for your order, your card payment details are entered not on our website, but on your chosen payment provider’s website form that you’ll be redirected to for the purposes of collecting this data. We do not ourselves collect or hold these card payment details.

When optionally subscribing to our newsletter, we collect your e-mail address, and optionally your first and last names.

What do we do with this collected data?

The data we collect from you when you place an order is used to print a delivery address label and delivery note, which both go with your order back to you. The delivery address and billing address that we collect are only used for the purpose of processing your order, and ensuring that it reaches its destination. We do not send any mailings to you with these addresses, other than the products that you have ordered. The telephone number and e-mail address are only to be used by us in the unlikely event that we need to contact you regarding an issue with your order, and none of this data is passed to any third parties (unless we are required to do so by law).

The e-mail address that you provide when choosing to subscribe to our newsletter is added to a list kept securely by MailChimp, and is used only to send you notifications of new posts on our blog, or other Polymath Products-related news and announcements. Your name, if submitted here, is added to personalise the e-mail notifications you receive from the newsletter.

How do we keep this data secure?

Our entire website is secured with 256-bit SSL data encryption, so you can be sure that data that you’re entering is being done so securely. Check the green ‘https’ text in your browser’s address bar, and also the ‘GoDaddy’ site security validation button near the bottom of every page on our site.

The data we collect is stored by our trusted web hosting provider, Tsohost, on the latest high-security servers that are behind high-specification firewalls, protecting your data at all times.

How long do we retain this collected data for?

We keep the collected data as you have entered it indefinitely, or until you edit it via your optional account details page on our site, or until you ask us to rectify or delete your account and the contained data.

What are your rights regarding the data we collect?

The data belongs to you, and as such you have full rights to request that we send you a copy of all of your data that we are keeping, have it amended or deleted on your request, and of course full rights to make a complaint to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) if for any reason you’re unhappy with how we’re handling it.

How do we use ‘cookies’ on our website?

Cookies are small data files that you can optionally set your browser to allow to be stored on your computer or device’s storage, which allow our website to know that it’s you specifically who is using the site. These are used only for keeping your basket contents saved in between sessions on our website, and also to record visits to pages on our site via Google Analytics, which helps us keep track of how popular each page and article on our site is, helping us to improve the content that we provide over time.

Please see your browser settings to opt in or out of allowing cookies, and please bear in mind that most browsers have them enabled by default. They are certainly not essential or mandatory for using our site, so it’s completely up to you.

How do you contact us if there’s a query about our data collection?

If you have any queries about our privacy policy that are not answered above, please drop us an e-mail at
Or by conventional mail at:
Polymath Products
16 Regent Street
Somerset TA8 1AX
United Kingdom

Tel: 01278 247644