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Adapt and Survive – Custom Paracord & Webbing Kit


Kit yourself out with awesome paracord bracelets, survival accessories and useful Every Day Carry gear, all hand-crafted and made to measure by you!

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The ‘Adapt and Survive’ Custom Paracord & Webbing Kit is here to help you let your imagination run riot in the world of customised gear. Paracord and webbing are both well-known for their strength, durability and many functions, meaning they’re ideal for making some awesome accessories, survival aids and clever little life hacks! This huge 38-piece kit provides all the materials needed to get you crafting in no time.

Kit Contents:
20’ x 350lb Paracord in Army Green
20’ x 350lb Paracord in Navy Blue
10’ x 350lb Paracord in Neon Orange
1 x Paracord Fid (large paracord threading needle)
5 x 5/8” Quick-Release Contoured Buckle
1 x Dual-Hole Cord Lock
1 x Safety Breakaway Barrel Connector
14 x Pony Bead
1 x 30mm Split Ring
1 x 60mm Carabiner (not for climbing use)
2m x 25mm Nylon Webbing in Black
1 x 25mm Quick-Release Contoured Buckle
2 x 25mm Plastic Webbing Slider
1 x 25mm Three-Way Plastic Webbing Slider
1 x 25mm Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel D-Ring
1 x 25mm Plastic D-Ring
1 x 60mm Heavy-Duty Keychain Clip / Pet Lead Clip
20cm x 4.8mm Black Heatshrink Sleeve
20cm x 9.5mm Black Heatshrink Sleeve
1 x 20mm Nitrile O-Ring


Please note: This kit and its contents are for use under adult supervision.

Each ‘Adapt and Survive’ kit is assembled from quality components in the UK by Polymath Products.

Also included in this kit is a detailed guide with step-by-step ‘recipes’ for ten different creations to get you started, including a variety of paracord bracelet ideas, a webbing utility belt and even a sturdy paracord collar for your dog!

Once you’re practised at working with paracord and webbing, you’ll find yourself coming up with your own ideas, and crafting your own unique accessories and gear!

This kit is suitable for all ability levels, and ideal for those into crafting, camping and the outdoors, bushcraft, survivalism, hiking, or anyone who has a creative streak. So get ready to engage your creativity, and have a whole lot of fun doing so!


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