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CMP-20 Compass Necklace

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Rugged and reliable navigation aid with precision luminous dial.

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A rugged and reliable navigation aid. Can be used day and night, in all weather conditions.

Featuring a shockproof, military-grade compass; precision luminous dial, fluid-damped and built to keep working in extreme conditions.

It can be worn easily around the neck to provide quick direction checks whilst on the move. With a lightweight and ergonomic design it can be worn at all times and is almost unnoticeable.

Oil and seawater resistant TPU construction ensures the CMP-20 will last under field use. The ideal backup to other, larger navigation devices such as GPS or a lensatic compass, which could fail to work due to flat batteries, extreme conditions or damage.

The CMP-20 Compass Necklace is a compact navigation accessory that is designed to keep working when other devices may have failed. Due to its small size, low weight and rounded ergonomic design it can be comfortably carried at all times.

It is ideal for daily wear around the neck, or alternatively it can be attached to your hiking rucksack or jacket; either way it is ideally placed for making quick checks of heading, to make sure you are not off-course.

Very accurate for its size, the 20mm diameter compass was specially designed and is a far cry from many other ‘button’ compasses available. It is tough, shockproof and built to GSA-compliant specifications.

Equally capable of both day and night navigation thanks to the very best in photoluminescent GITD (glow-in-the-dark) material. The compass is easily readable in the dark, and just a few seconds of light from a flashlight will ‘recharge’ it.

The CMP-20 is extremely durable, with oil and seawater resistant construction. It can be used underwater and at extreme altitudes.

CMP-20 dimensions: 35mm x 27mm x 13.5mm
Cord length: 400mm loop (800mm total)
Weight: 11.6g
Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

3 reviews for CMP-20 Compass Necklace

  1. David E Crossley

    I didn’t buy one of these as an individual item but did get one in the Premium Survival Kit. It is a robust and accurate navigation aid that works well. The paracord necklace is strong and reliable and should keep this important item safely attached to the wearer. The luminous dial gives enough glow for easy use in the dark and recharges quickly to exposure from a light such as the mini torch included in the Premium kit. I like the Nav bead for its pace counter feature but if you use other distance tracking methods then this is a perfectly viable alternative.

  2. Julian

    Bought this compass a while ago and have it stashed in my rucksack just in case. Tough little compass that seems accurate.

  3. Toby (verified owner)

    Excellent little handy compass which can be kept close to hand due to being small and pebble shaped. Perfect for a quick direction.

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Dimensions: 35mm x 27mm x 13.5mm

Cord length: 400mm loop (800mm total)

Weight: 11.6g

Operating temperature: -30°C to +50°C

Operating pressure: Vacuum to 9atm

Maximum operating depth: 80m
Oil-bath sealed compass

Non-magnetic, non-metallic construction

Seawater and oil resistant