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Mini Survival Tin

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A lightweight survival kit in a compact hinged tin that is easy to carry, and will go everywhere with you. Packed with survival essentials.

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A lightweight survival kit in a compact hinged tin that is easy to carry, and will go everywhere with you. Ideal kit for anyone involved in camping, hiking, bushcraft and other outdoor activities.

The kit helps you to start a fire, collect and purify water, build shelter, signal to rescuers or find your way to safety, deal with minor wounds and even go fishing!

Perfectly sized to be kept in a pocket or pouch, and supplied in a heavy-duty waterproof outer bag to keep the kit dry and secure.

Despite its compact size, the Mini Survival Tin is practical, versatile and effective. For its size, it packs in a surprisingly large selection of survival kit components, giving the user plenty of options for addressing the main survival priorities.

Unlike other survival kits of its size, the Mini Survival Tin includes a length of the ever-useful paracord, an essential multi-function item that no survival kit should be without.

This survival kit would be an ideal gift for anyone interested in bushcraft, survival, camping, hiking, fishing and many other outdoor activities.

The kit comes with an instruction sheet detailing the survival uses of the kit:
Fire Lighting, Water Purification, Shelter Building, Navigation and Signalling, Emergency First Aid and Food Capture.

Tin (with outer foil bag)
1m Paracord
Micro LED Flashlight
Fire Starter/Whistle Unit
Signal Mirror
Liquid-filled Compass
Mini Sewing Kit
Water Carrier
8x Water Purification Tablet
Alcohol Swab
Compressed Towel
20cm Fabric Surgical Tape
Fishing Tin containing:
2x Swivel, Size 10
8m Fishing Line, 6lb
2x Fishing Hook, Size 10
Split Shot Weights, 2x #4 2x BB
2x Safety Pin
Brass Eye
Worm and Maggot Lures
Glow Stick

Package contains: 1 Mini Survival Tin with instruction sheet. Parts may vary in colour.
Tin Dimensions: 96mm x 62mm x 22mm.
Weight: 100g
Made in the UK by Polymath Products
NB: Kit contents for use by adults only.

5 reviews for Mini Survival Tin

  1. Dougie Wells (verified owner)

    This is a fun little item and potentially a serious addition to any kit! The fire/whistle works well, it’s loud and creates a good shower of sparks, I’ve already lit a fire with it. Paracord is always useful and comes braided into a key fob. The tiny torch is incredibly bright for it’s size. Button compass, candle, first aid and sewing kit all good for the money. The fishing kit is the smallest I’ve seen but it’s all there.
    I’m going to order another one to stash in my BOB and break this one up; thought I’d put the torch, paracord and fire/whistle on a split ring along with a small pocket knife I have and then really looking forward to taking the fishing kit out on a day hike and actually trying it out, whether I catch anything is immaterial, it should be a fun way to spend an afternoon with a couple of beers!
    I’m a big fan of this company, always good value for money, great products and excellent customer service.

  2. David E Crossley

    The tin on this kit is slightly larger than the original model and contains an even smaller tin for some of the mini items such as fishing kit. The fishing kit has been expanded to include 4 sinkers of 2 different sizes, 2 lures and a ring for improvising a rod. In compensation there are now only 3 #10 hooks instead of 4 but the 8m of line and 2 swivels are still there as are 2 small safety pins from which you could improvise another 2 hooks if needed.

    Unfortunately the 2 coils of brass wire have also gone and that is something I’d immediately rectify since the wire is so versatile and useful. A sewing kit with various colours of thread, a small needle, and buttons is included but in place of the larger and bigger eyed needle. The paracord, puritabs, glow stick, and alcohol wipe, are still there, with a compressed towel and some surgical tape in place of the adhesive dressing, and an even better instruction leaflet. The condom has been replaced by a rubber ‘microphone cover’ which is actually a similarly useful water carrier.

    The most obvious and beneficial changes however, are the replacement of the little whistle, ferro rod and striker with a whistle/ferro rod/striker unit. This is a loud and effective whistle and a rod and striker combination that is easy to handle and efficient. There is also a tiny LED light on a key ring and this is a very useful item in a tiny tin like this.

    Personally, I’d loose the sewing kit, replace it with a thicker large-eyed needle, put the fishing kit in a little poly bag instead of the tiny tin and reinstall the brass wire, but overall, this is a very useful and beneficial development of this excellent little kit, and still currently at only £11.99.

  3. Peter (verified owner)

    Another excellent product from Polymath! A well thought out simple kit that contains quality useful products not a load of cheap Chinese rubbish. I’ve added two Stanley blades which fit inside the tin perfectly. I have added this to my normal EDC bag.

  4. Drake

    So compact and has everything you need.. There is nothing I would improve as it is already perfect! The fire lighter is surpisingly easy to use, at first glance I thought it would be too small and flimsy but after trying it, it proved otherwise and is amazing quality. For only £10 the product is brilliant quality and definitely has its value for the money. It is a perfect present for anyone who loves survival, bushcraft and the outdoors.

  5. Sam C (verified owner)

    Fantastic kit for the money, seems well thought out and a little room to customize for your own needs. Drop one in your backpack when camping or hiking for some handy backup tools in case the worst should happen! If you want something more robust for your home or car check out the premium survival tin instead.

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Tin Dimensions: 96mm x 62mm x 22mm.
Weight: 100g