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Spirit Level Keyring

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Pocket-sized bubble level for general DIY levelling, caravans and photography.

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Very small and lightweight ‘bull’s eye’ type bubble level that can be carried anywhere, attached to your keys, clothing or bag using the loop fixture. Ideal for 2-dimensional levelling of objects you are fitting or moving such as shelves, furniture or pool tables. High-visibility green background with black centre marking for quick reference.

Anyone pitching up in their caravan, camper van or motorhome can use it for quickly levelling off on site. So small that it’s hardly noticeable when attached to your van keys.

Photographers can place it on top of their flash mount for getting the perfect level shot. It is easily looped onto photography bags, or the camera lanyard.

Durable TPU housing and cord, with PMMA bubble element, tough enough for pocket carry. Provided in a pack of two as standard.

The Spirit Level Keyring is very compact and lightweight, providing a convenient way of getting various objects level. It is different from ‘vial’ type levels (which are used more for building work) as they measure in one dimension and can be used on verticals. Instead, this keyring provides a single 2-dimension measurement for items that should be level with flat ground, such as shelves or pool tables.

The small size, rugged TPU housing and loop fixture mean it can be attached to keys and bags. As it is the same type of fixture used on zipper pulls, it could also be attached to jackets, cameras etc.

The single quick measurement also makes it ideal for levelling caravans and camper vans on site and for photographers to get a level shot.

Even builders who already have an array of levels may find it useful when positioning something as it provides the 2 dimensions at a glance. It can be placed on even the narrowest of objects, like a pole, whilst keeping hands free and no risk of an expensive level clattering onto the floor.

Package contains: 2x Spirit Level Keyring
Spirit Level Keyring dimensions: 21.88mm length x 17.03mm width x 6.00mm thickness. Cord loop length: 46mm. Weight 1.78g.
Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

Product for use by adults only.


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Spirit Level Keyring dimensions: 21.88mm length x 17.03mm width x 6.00mm thickness.

Cord loop length: 46mm.

Weight 1.78g.