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Waterproof Notepad


100% water-resistant stone paper notebook, write-anywhere pen, and durable nylon pocket/belt pouch.

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Waterproof Notepad: 50-sheet wood-free stone paper notepad, spiral-bound with durable plastic front and back cover. Impervious to water, mud, dust, grease and sweat. Double-sided squared paper. Handy pocket/palm size (3 x 5 inches).

Write-Anywhere Pen: Extremely robust pen with pressurised ink reservoir; unlike regular pens it reliably writes even on wet or dirty pages, works in freezing conditions, and can be used under water or upside-down. Shatterproof polypropylene pen housing with pocket clip.

Belt Pouch: Durable nylon pocket/belt pouch with both horizontal and vertical belt/strap attachments, and pen holder loop.

The Waterproof Notepad Set with Pouch features a 100% water-resistant stone paper notebook, coupled with an extremely tough write-anywhere pen, plus a durable and hard-wearing nylon pocket/belt pouch.

The set can be used for writing and reviewing notes in whatever environment you choose to carry it; from regular, everyday situations, to demanding work use, right through to the harshest conditions in all weathers.

The notepad itself has 50 sheets of wood-free stone paper, which is completely waterproof, as well as being highly resilient to dirt, mud and grease. The sheets are double-sided squared paper, and the pad is spiral-bound with front and back covers of tough polypropylene.

The notepad is matched with an equally rugged and reliable write-anywhere pen. Made from shatterproof polypropylene, and featuring a pressurised ink reservoir, allowing the pen to write on wet paper, through dust, dirt, grease, mud and sweat, in freezing temperatures, and at any angle (even upside-down). It’ll even write underwater if needed!

Also, there’s a sturdy nylon holster pouch for the notepad and pen, which can be mounted on a belt or rucksack strap, horizontally or vertically.

This set is ideal as an all-purpose, everyday carry note-writing set, tough enough to go with you everywhere for all of your regular daily activities, work, travel and outdoor adventures.

Available as the full set of notepad, pen & pouch, or as a set of notepad & pen, or just the notepad itself (please select your choice at the top of the page).

Notepad size: 134mm x 76mm x 13mm, weight 69g.
Pen size: 146mm x 20mm x 15mm, weight 15g.
Pouch size: 143mm x 82mm x 25mm, weight 47g.


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100% waterproof wood-free stone paper. Resists water, grease, dust, mud & sweat.

Sheets: 50

Front and back cover material: Polypropylene

Notepad size: 134mm x 76mm x 13mm, weight 69g
Pen size: 146mm x 20mm x 15mm, weight 15g.
Pouch size: 143mm x 82mm x 25mm, weight 47g.