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Waterproof Notepad

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100% water-resistant stone paper notebook, write-anywhere pen, and durable nylon pocket/belt pouch.

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Available as the full set of notepad, pen & pouch, or as a set of notepad & pen, or just the notepad itself (please select your choice at the top of the page).

Waterproof Notepad: 50-sheet wood-free stone paper notepad, spiral-bound with durable plastic front and back cover. Impervious to water, mud, dust, grease and sweat. Double-sided squared paper. Handy pocket/palm size (3 x 5 inches).

Write-Anywhere Pen: Extremely robust pen with pressurised ink reservoir; unlike regular pens it reliably writes even on wet or dirty pages, works in freezing conditions, and can be used under water or upside-down. Shatterproof polypropylene pen housing with pocket clip.

Belt Pouch: Durable nylon pocket/belt pouch with both horizontal and vertical belt/strap attachments, and pen holder loop.

The Waterproof Notepad Set with Pouch features a 100% water-resistant stone paper notebook, coupled with an extremely tough write-anywhere pen, plus a durable and hard-wearing nylon pocket/belt pouch.

The set can be used for writing and reviewing notes in whatever environment you choose to carry it; from regular, everyday situations, to demanding work use, right through to the harshest conditions in all weathers.

The notepad itself has 50 sheets of wood-free stone paper, which is completely waterproof, as well as being highly resilient to dirt, mud and grease. The sheets are double-sided squared paper, and the pad is spiral-bound with front and back covers of tough polypropylene.

The notepad is matched with an equally rugged and reliable write-anywhere pen. Made from shatterproof polypropylene, and featuring a pressurised ink reservoir, allowing the pen to write on wet paper, through dust, dirt, grease, mud and sweat, in freezing temperatures, and at any angle (even upside-down). It’ll even write underwater if needed!

Also, there’s a sturdy nylon holster pouch for the notepad and pen, which can be mounted on a belt or rucksack strap, horizontally or vertically.

This set is ideal as an all-purpose, everyday carry note-writing set, tough enough to go with you everywhere for all of your regular daily activities, work, travel and outdoor adventures.

Notepad size: 134mm x 76mm x 13mm, weight 69g.
Pen size: 146mm x 20mm x 15mm, weight 15g.
Pouch size: 143mm x 82mm x 25mm, weight 47g.

2 reviews for Waterproof Notepad

  1. David E Crossley

    Polymath released this just in time for me because I was almost out of pages on my previous waterproof notepad. The old one, however, had plain pages so I was interested to see the lined and squared sheets in this one and I have to say they are very useful. There are 12 squares across the page so. with one spare either side, it is ideal for drawing go-maps with divisions of 10 or 100 meters or yards per square. The ruler markings in inches and cm/mm on the back are handy for measurements from maps or just general use too.

    The format of the pad also works well when using the pad as a base plate for a button compass. With a direction arrow drawn on the centre line, the gap between the 2 middle rings of the spiral binder acts as a sight for landmarks. With a ring drawn around the compass in the centre you can then mark a north point and note the bearing to the way point. The pen worked fine for the permanent markings and I suppose you could use it for temporary ones, scrubbing out your mark/reference and drawing in a new one for the next stage, but I prefer to use a pencil with eraser for that, to maximise the life of my base plate page, though with 50 2-sided sheets you have options.

    Polymath’s pictures show the pad’s use with various types of contamination but, given the current hot weather, I thought I’d push it and test the paper and pen in freezing conditions, by leaving them in the freezer overnight and then writing with them. This morning I had to scrub with the pen for a few seconds to get the ink flowing, but that is often true of an unused ballpoint even without freezing it! After getting it started both pen and notepad worked absolutely fine. The pen seems robust and writes with a clear but fairly fine stroke in black ink. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the cartridge is replaceable but maybe Polymath will eventually offer spare pens as well as spare pads.

    This is another excellent piece of kit in Polymath’s range of competitively-priced outdoor activity goods and, as always, my package arrived within a couple of days of placing the order.

  2. Sam C (verified owner)

    Fantastic little notepad. Affordable, durable, and works great with ink or pencil. The sheets are quite thin but almost bulletproof in their construction, they’re smooth and plasticky, with a matte feel that makes it a joy to write on. Snipped off a few sheets for my EDC tin, and put the rest of the notebook in my backpack!

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100% waterproof wood-free stone paper. Resists water, grease, dust, mud & sweat.

Sheets: 50

Front and back cover material: Polypropylene

Notepad size: 134mm x 76mm x 13mm, weight 69g
Pen size: 146mm x 20mm x 15mm, weight 15g.
Pouch size: 143mm x 82mm x 25mm, weight 47g.