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Compact Blade Care Kit

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Pocket-sized tin of essentials for sharpening and protecting knives, axes and other bladed tools in the field.

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Practical kit for easy sharpening, cleaning and protection of knives, axes and other bladed tools, in a compact and easy-to-carry metal tin.

#1000 grit electroplated diamond upper surface of the tin lid provides a stable and durable sharpening surface for all basic re-sharpening needs in the field. The whole tin can also be held in the hand and used as a ‘puck’ type sharpener for larger tools.

Includes a 3” #600 grit carborundum sharpening stone, ideal for correcting nicks/damage on blades, or for sharpening unusual blade geometry/serrations that can’t be done on the larger flat diamond surface.

Blade Balm provides long-lasting rust protection for metal, and weather protection for wood and leather parts of your tool. Blade Oil is a thin, non-greasy, rust inhibiting oil that can be used as a honing oil, lubricant and protective blade coating. Both Blade Oil and Blade Balm are made entirely from plant-derived materials. The soft but hard-wearing microfibre cloth is ideal for applying these products, and for general tool cleaning.

Perfectly pocket-sized kit, making it easy to carry in outdoor bags/jackets/pouches.

The Compact Blade Care Kit provides all of the essentials for keeping your bladed tools sharp and in good condition, in a compact and easy-to-carry package. Ideal for extended uses of cutting tools and field repairs, whether you are a bushcrafter, using a blade for work, or just out chopping firewood all day.

The tin itself features a #1000 grit diamond sharpening surface on the lid, making a stable ‘sharpening block’ where you can perform all your basic re-sharpening of knives. It also allows the whole tin to be used as a ‘puck’ sharpener, held in the hand for sharpening axes and machetes.

Inside the tin you will find:
Sharpening Stone, #600 grit; use for correcting nicks on blades, or sharpening tools/shapes not possible with the large, flat diamond surface.

Blade Balm, 15ml tin; a natural plant-based wax/oil balm, to protect metal from corrosion and provide waterproofing and protection for wood and leather handles, sheathes etc.

Blade Oil, 10ml dropper bottle; a thin plant-based ester oil. Non-tacky, non-greasy formula. Use as a honing oil with the diamond sharpening surface, for lubricating moving parts, or, as a corrosion-inhibiting blade coating/cutting friction reducer.

Microfibre cloth; for applying Blade Balm and Blade Oil, and general cleaning/polishing of tools.

Package contains: 1x Compact Blade Care Kit.
Tin dimensions: 96mm x 62mm x 22mm. Weight: 125g.

Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

Product for use by adults only.

1 review for Compact Blade Care Kit

  1. Sam C (verified owner)

    Fantastif little kit for keeping your blades sharp on the go. Fits in your pocket, and the oil is great for keeping your pocket knife lubricated and in good nick. The 1000 patch on the tin rubbed smooth pretty quickly but the whetstone’s gonna last me a long time and works a fantastic intermediate sharpener.

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Tin dimensions: 96mm x 62mm x 22mm. Weight: 125g.

#1000 grit electroplated diamond upper surface.

#600 grit carborundum sharpening stone.