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Sharp Patch


Diamond sharpener card with ‘hook and loop’ hook surface for easy attachment to outdoor gear, clothing and pouches. For ‘on the go’ sharpening of blades and tools.

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Diamond sharpener utility patch. For sharpening knives, axes, woodworking tools and fishing hooks on-the-go and outdoors.

Single-side #1000 fine electroplated diamond grit provides a highly durable sharpening surface for all basic re-sharpening needs in the field.

‘Hook’ fastener reverse-side firmly attaches the patch to the loop side of ‘hook and loop’/VELCRO® type surfaces. Ideal for attaching to camping & fishing bags or jackets. Securely attaches to a flat surface that you apply loop tape, for easier and safer sharpening than plain ‘sharpening cards’ held with your fingers.

Lightweight (20g) and barely noticeable when carried, ideal for taking out into the wilderness or on fishing trips where a quick sharpen-up may be needed but you don’t want to take a heavier knife sharpener/set with you.

Credit card size: 83x50mm and only 2mm thick (inc. hook surface) providing an ideal sharpening surface for most applications.

Sharp Patch is a diamond sharpening patch, designed for easy carry and attachment whilst outside or on site. The fine #1000 grit surface is considered a good all-rounder for most sharpening needs.

People who use wood-working tools can attach it to a tool belt or tool box, ideal for a quick sharpen-up whilst working on site. Firm attachment to a flat surface makes for much safer use than using loose diamond cards held in your fingers. Can be used dry or wet to sharpen chisels, drill bits, high speed steel, carbide tooling etc.

Outdoors enthusiasts can use it for sharpening camping knives, axes and other bushcraft tools. With many items of clothing and equipment they may have already featuring ‘loop’ surfaces, often used for attaching equipment and ‘morale patches’, there is usually somewhere convenient the Sharp Patch can be attached.

Anglers can attach it to the outside of their fishing box or bag, or even their fishing jacket. Ideal for quickly re-sharpening the point of a fishing hook that has been dragged on a rocky bottom.

Because Sharp Patch can be attached to any ‘loop’ type fastener, you can use self-adhesive hook & loop stickers or straps to attach it to many different surfaces; this could be a machete or axe sheath, tool boxes or even a tree branch. Secure attachment allows you to sharpen your tool and apply a uniform pressure and angle without having your fingertips in close proximity to a sharp blade!

Package contains: 1x Sharp Patch diamond sharpener utility patch.
Dimensions: 83mm x 50mm x 2mm. Weight: 20g.

Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

Product for use by adults only.


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Dimensions: 83mm x 50mm x 2mm. Weight: 20g. #1000 grit.