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Green Machine – Bicycle Chain Lubricant

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Thin-film bike chain lube. Long-lasting, all-weather application. Fully biodegradable.

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Highly effective, no-fuss chain lubricant. Suitable for all bikes and e-bikes, on or off-road.

Easy to apply, and instantly penetrates deep into the chain. Clings to the metal surfaces of the chain, providing long-lasting lubrication for efficient cycling, smooth shifting and a quiet ride.

Thin-film wet lube; works perfectly in all weather conditions, displaces water and dirt, and protects against rust (even on salty roads), whilst attracting less dust in dry conditions than typical wet lubes.

Environment and skin-safe formula; no nasty additives, made entirely from plant-derived materials and 100% biodegradable. Solvent-free, safe on paintwork and carbon fibre.

Long-lasting formula; 250+ miles per application, 20 applications per bottle, and it’s not fussy about being applied to already dirty chains; ideal for busy commuters and long-distance touring. Pocket-sized 30ml bottle can be easily stored in your bike tool kit.

Green Machine is an easy-to-use, long-lasting chain lubricant; there is no need for the chain to be completely degreased or spotlessly clean before application. It actually helps mobilize oils, grease and dirt that may already be on the chain. Simply apply a small drop to each roller and wipe excess away with a cloth or tissue, taking dirt with it. Ideal for commuting and long-distance touring; avoid constant cleaning and re-lubing with different lubes depending on the weather, or messing around with molten wax and emulsions that require fastidiously clean chains for application. Can even be re-applied on a wet chain after washing your bike off (or in wet weather).

The low-viscosity formula penetrates into and lubricates the inside of the chain rollers, pins and bushings. The medium-polarity wax ester molecules electrostatically adhere to the metal surfaces of the chain evenly, without a thick, tacky layer that would attract lots of dust; only a little is needed. The thin film provides a highly protective barrier against rust, which can otherwise occur very quickly in wet weather or due to de-icing salts. Green Machine has been tested specifically with road salts. It provides excellent protection; ideal for commuters who cycle all-year-round, and anyone who doesn’t always wash their bike regularly.

Entirely plant-derived formula, 100% biodegradable and free from solvents or additives like PTFE, Green Machine isn’t harmful to the environment, or your skin.
Wash your bike and clean off the chain without washing any nasties into the environment.

Pocket-sized 30ml bottle with a secure screw-cap; easy to carry as part of your bike tool kit, everywhere you go. Each small bottle lasts ages, with a typical 1.5ml application lasting over 250 miles (for typical road cycling conditions); that’s around 5,000 miles of use.

Package contains: 1x 30ml bottle Green Machine chain lube.
Bottle dimensions: 89mm x 44mm x 22mm. Weight: 40g.
Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

Product for use by adults only.


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Bottle dimensions: 89mm x 44mm x 22mm. Weight: 40g.

Bottle contents: 30ml