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Emergency Stove and Fuel Kit

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Compact ‘fold-up’ stove and gel fuel, for camping, travel or emergency home use.

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Compact and convenient stove and fuel kit, ready for use to boil water or heat food and drink. Perfect as a ‘standby’ emergency stove, either at home or when travelling.

Includes ‘Exogel’ fuel gel, a unique composition that, unlike other fuels, is safe to store in hot environments such as cars. It is non-toxic, high energy-density and is very safe in use.

Ideal for camping and hiking trips as a reliable backup to liquid or gas fuels that may leak out of their container, or as a safe alternative where flammable liquid or gas fuels cannot be carried on transportation.

Indefinite shelf-life and easy-to-store packaging make it the perfect addition to home emergency equipment; if electricity or gas get cut off, you can still make a cup of tea or hot food.


This kit provides a convenient and easy-to-use emergency or backup solution for heating food and drink, cooking, boiling water or melting snow.

When folded ready for use, the metal stove provides sturdy support for pots of up to 1 litre. The single-piece flat metal design is suitable for short-term emergency use but can be folded and unfolded several times.

The included ‘Exogel’ fuel gel is provided in convenient 50ml pouches with a re-sealable cap. It has a much higher safety aspect in use than other fuels such as methylated spirits, alcohol gel or solid fuel tablets. It is classified as a combustible material, like wood or paper, rather than a flammable one. It is safe to store in hot environments such as vehicle interiors (max. 80°C).

Approximately 12.5ml (quarter of one pouch) of Exogel will boil 1 cup/250ml of water.

Exogel is a non-hazmat, non-toxic material and is not regulated for transport; it can safely be carried anywhere. It does not emit toxic fumes like traditional solid fuel tablets do, or present a flammability hazard like gas or alcohol, and can be safely washed away with water.

Exogel is a thick ‘thixotropic’ gel that can be applied to a flat surface, so can be used with many existing stove designs. As a safety fuel, it will not ignite from a spark and should be ignited using a gas lighter or an included waxed just splint, which are themselves easily ignited from a spark from a ferrocerium rod/firesteel when fluffed up at one end. PLEASE NOTE: an ignition source is not included with this kit.

Package contains: Fold-up Metal Stove, 2x 50ml ‘Exogel’ Fuel Gel Pouches, 14x Waxed Jute Lighting Splint, instruction sheet and heavy-duty waterproof storage bag.
Stove size (flat): 11.5cm x 9cm. Stove size (folded-out for use): 8cm x 8cm x 3.5cm. Stove weight: 31g.
Total kit size: 20cm x 14cm x 2.5cm. Total kit weight in bag: 145g.
Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

Product for use by adults only.

2 reviews for Emergency Stove and Fuel Kit

  1. Andy Froy

    Amazing, Super lightweight & great in the wind!! Great Emergency Survival kit!!

    Well done Polymath Products!!

  2. Sam C (verified owner)

    I still find exogel struggles to heat up a few cups of water without reapplication and some patience, and it’s quite tricky to get lit, you need a flame not just a ferro rod. But this kit coming with the waxed jute makes lighting it a breeze. Not a bad backup stove and fuel source, and very fairly priced, just don’t expect it to burn super hot like a hexamine tab.

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Stove size (flat): 11.5cm x 9cm. Stove size (folded-out for use): 8cm x 8cm x 3.5cm. Stove weight: 31g.
Total kit size: 20cm x 14cm x 2.5cm. Total kit weight in bag: 145g.