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Exogel Camping Stove Gel Fuel

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Versatile, odourless fuel with high energy density. Non-hazmat and air-transportable, ideal for hiking, travel and home emergencies.

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Exogel is a simple-to-use fuel gel that can be used in many of the simplest and lightest of camping stoves, such as those designed for hexamine, solid fuel tablets or gel fuel blocks. Any flameproof surface can hold and burn the gel successfully; it can even be applied and used on the underside of your pan, without using a stove at all!

A unique composition that, unlike other fuels, is safe to store in hot environments such as cars. It is non-toxic, odourless, high energy-density, has an indefinite shelf-life and is very safe in use.

Not regulated for transportation. Unlike alcohol-based fuels, gas or solid fuel tablets, Exogel is non-hazmat and has no transport regulations, so it makes the ideal fuel for travel around the world.

Easily ignited by holding a flame against the gel, such as that from a gas lighter, but does not ignite directly from a spark or flash-flame, making it an extremely safe fuel.

Exogel is a thick ‘thixotropic’ gel fuel that can be applied to any flameproof surface, so can be used with many existing stove designs that have simple fuel dishes or just flat platforms. It does not spit, flare, bubble or run, and leaves a small amount of harmless ash, which is chemically identical to sand.

Exogel is non-hazmat, non-toxic, odourless material and is not regulated for transport, so it can safely be carried anywhere. It does not emit toxic fumes like traditional hexamine or solid fuel tablets do, or present a flammability hazard like gas or alcohol, and can be safely washed away and extinguished with water. It is classified as a combustible material, like wood or paper, rather than a flammable one. It is safe to store in hot environments such as vehicle interiors (max. 80°C).

Weight reduction is high on the priority list of many outdoor enthusiasts. With a high energy density (around 20% higher than alcohol-based fuels, based on mass), and the ability to be used without the heavy cylinders or burners associated with other fuels, an extremely compact and lightweight cooking solution can be carried.

A unique feature of Exogel allows the weight of a stove to further be reduced to zero, because a stove isn’t necessarily required at all! A layer of Exogel can be directly applied to the underside of a cooking vessel and ignited, providing very efficient direct heating; truly the lightest possible cooking solution in the world.

In lightweight stoves, such as the Polymath Products Phantom, approximately 12.5ml of Exogel will boil 1 cup/250ml of water.

When in use, Exogel has a very low-visibility flame and produces almost no odour or smoke (in most cases of use) so is ideal for military or otherwise stealthy outdoor cooking requirements.

Available as individual 250ml℮ pouches, or in a pack of 3x 50ml℮ pouches.
50ml pouch size: 10cm x 7cm x 2cm. Each pouch content: 50ml℮. Each pouch weight: 51g approx.
250ml pouch size: 19cm x 9cm x 4.5cm. Each pouch content: 250ml℮. Each pouch weight: 257g approx.
Made in the UK by Polymath Products.
Product for use by adults only.

1 review for Exogel Camping Stove Gel Fuel

  1. Andy Froy

    This fuel is AMAZING!! Easy to light and the fact that it can be used without a stove, Being applied to the underside of a cooking pot is fantastic!!!

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50ml pouch size: 10cm x 7cm x 2cm. Each pouch content: 50ml℮. Each pouch weight: 51g approx.

250ml pouch size: 10cm x 7cm x 2cm. Each pouch content: 50ml℮. Each pouch weight: 51g approx.