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Stealth Stove

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Compact solid fuel and wood stove with integrated windshield.

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Compact pocket-sized stove designed to stow neatly amongst your gear and be barely noticeable when carrying. Quick and easy to set up and use for a variety of outdoor cooking scenarios.

Simple and strong 4-piece design made entirely from marine-grade stainless steel, for high temperature resistance and durability against rough treatment in the great outdoors, time after time. Integrated ‘disruptive airflow’ windshield for use in windy conditions, without the need for a separate windshield.

Unique design can be used either way up, for a narrow or wide opening, allowing you to boil water in the smallest of metal camping mugs and cook with much wider pans just as effectively. Perfect for making your morning hot drink and a fry-up.

Can be used with Exogel, solid fuel tablets and alcohol fuel gels. It can also be used as a twig stove, or as a pot stand and windshield for popular brands of alcohol burner. It can even function as a mini-barbecue, giving great versatility out of one little stove.


The Stealth Stove is a neatly-stowing pocket stove, the low-profile stainless steel plates are secured together with the provided hook & loop straps so no storage bag is needed; the stove can be carried neatly inside many cooking vessels, pockets, or attached to the outside of your bag (loops, MOLLE or hook & loop fixtures). At just under 100 grams, it is barely noticeable to carry.

The stove can be assembled in just a few seconds into a very strong, stable structure that can be used either way up, allowing it to be used with metal camping cups as small as 5cm diameter and all the way up to 30cm frying pans (we recommend a maximum pot filling of 1 litre due to stability).

A centre triangle plate provides a platform for the fuel, which can be Exogel, solid fuel tablets or alcohol gel (with a suitable dish), and when set up without the centre triangle it can be used as a mini twig stove or even as a mini barbecue (where the centre triangle forms a base-plate). It can also work with commonly-used spirit/alcohol burners, functioning as a stand and windshield.

The shape of the stove forms an integrated windshield, that has been designed to provide equal shielding from all directions using minimal material weight, by way of disruptive airflow around the stove, making it ideal for using in windy conditions.

Ideal as an extremely durable and reliable multi-fuel stove. Being able to use a variety of fuels and wood/twigs it is ideal for all bushcraft and survival load-outs, for lightweight hiking through places where specialist fuels might not be available, or used for casual camping and fishing where you want to cut down on the bulk of your equipment.

Package contains: 1x stove (3x side plates, 1x centre triangle), 2x straps and an instruction sheet.
Stove size: 15cm x 13cm x 6cm. Stove weight: 95g. Packed size: 11cm x 7cm x 0.2cm (0.8cm inc. straps). Packed weight: 97g (inc. straps).

Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

Product for use by adults only.

3 reviews for Stealth Stove

  1. DavidC

    Well, I said when I ordered one of these that I would test it and write a review when I got home. So I did test it this past weekend, in all functions other than the mini BBQ. The trouble is, it performed exactly as per the write up and pictures on Polymath’s web site, so anything I write would only be repeating what they said and any pics I took are very similar to theirs. So, just read above and all the details are there.

    Basically, the stove is compact, solid, light (95g), easy to assemble, versatile and effective. At £7.99 it is good value for money.

    Another nice one from Polymath.

  2. Mike Wilkins

    An excellent stove, this is superlight ans works really well with a 400ml titanium mug with lid, for lightweight hiking its pretty much unbeatable given its extended versatility. I find it works best with a very small 30ml aluminium burner tin with a lid , these have a ceramic wool in with a stainless mesh these are low enough to give perfect burn height and are easily made at home. Trangia burners need a little hole dug to reducde the height. This is without doubt my favourite stove for day hikes and multi day hikes and uses very little fuel. On particularly windy days it does need another light and low windshield though.

  3. Sam C (verified owner)

    Used mine for quite a while now. The metal used makes it a bit heavier than I’d like (would prefer titanium but I shudder to think what that’d do to the price) and I was worried that the cutaways at the corners would make those part snap off eventually with repeated assembly/disassembly but it’s still going strong a year later. I especially like how flexible the unit is, it takes hexamine no problem, and if you take out the base plate you can use an alcohol stove and still boil a decent pot of water.

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Stove size: 15cm x 13cm x 6cm. Stove weight: 95g. Packed size: 11cm x 7cm x 0.2cm (0.8cm inc. straps). Packed weight: 97g (inc. straps).