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Premium Survival Kit

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A fully-loaded kit of practical emergency survival items in a sturdy ‘mess tin’ container.

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A fully-featured survival kit that provides life-saving functionality, packed into a sturdy and practical ‘mess tin’ container. Endorsed by survival expert John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman, author of the best-selling ‘SAS Survival Guide’.

Carefully selected and balanced contents to assist with all types of wilderness, travel or roadside emergencies across multiple environments, such as mountains, moorland, woodland or coast.

The kit comfortably covers all survival priorities; First aid for a variety of injuries. Build shelter and stay warm and dry in the emergency bag. Light fire easily with the included waterproof tinder and fire starter. Signal to potential rescuers. Navigate using the compass necklace. Collect and purify water, boiled on the included stove, or using purification tablets. Keep your energy up with the included Kendal Mint Cake or acquire and cook extra food. Make yourself a warming hot chocolate for an instant morale boost.

The wide-ranging capability of the kit doesn’t mean it’s bulky or heavy; the kit can be easily carried and barely noticed when kept in a rucksack, pouch or tucked away in your car. The tough and durable mess tin container, itself an incredibly useful survival item, protects the contents and keeps them dry.

This kit is designed to be a serious helping hand in a variety of survival situations, and would be an ideal piece of kit to be carried by anyone venturing into wilderness, or simply stored in the car for roadside emergencies.

It’s not possible to prepare for every eventuality, so the Premium Survival kit is designed to cover a wide variety of environments or situations that people are more likely to encounter.

Included are several important survival items not often included in compact survival kits:
-The Mess Tin container can be used to boil water, melt snow and cook food.
-The Emergency Bag completely covers a large adult, keeping them warm and dry. It is stronger and much more practical than the foil blankets included in other kits.
-A Dressing Pad and Surgical Tape are provided to deal with reasonably large wounds, not like plasters that can only cover small cuts.
-Waterproof Waxed Jute tinder and a Fire Starter mean you won’t struggle to create fire.
-A metal fold-up Stove and Stove Gel are included for easy boiling of water, even where there is no firewood available, such as a mountain summit.
-This kit even provides some emergency food. Hot Chocolate or Vegetable Stock can be made and drunk, with a chocolate-covered Kendal Mint Cake for snacking.
-A variety of other extremely useful items are included such as; Paracord, Compass Necklace, Signal Mirror, a Pouch for collecting water, and many more.

The kit is built with travel in mind; the EXOGEL Stove Gel for example, is a unique gel fuel for the included fold-up stove that is safe for air transport, unlike all other fuels such as alcohol, hexamine or gas.

The kit comes with an instruction sheet detailing the survival uses for each of the kit components.

Mess Tin with Lid
Emergency Bag
Micro LED Flashlight
Glow Stick
Compass Necklace
Signal Mirror
Fire Starter/Whistle Unit
Waxed Jute (20 pieces)
EXOGEL Stove Gel
Kendal Mint Cake
Vegetable Stock Cube
Hot Chocolate
Wooden Spatula
3m Paracord
Sewing Needle & Thread
Clear Zip-Lock Pouch
10x Water Purification Tablet
Rehydration Treatment
Sterile Dressing Pad
Fabric Surgical Tape
2x Alcohol Swab
Compressed Towel
2x Waterproof Note Paper

Package contains: 1 Premium Survival Kit with instruction sheet. Parts may vary in colour.
Container Dimensions: 175mm x 120mm x 60mm. Weight: 605g.

Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

NB: Kit contents for use by adults only.

5 reviews for Premium Survival Kit

  1. David E Crossley

    With 22 years in the forces and over 50 years of outdoor leisure activities, packing stuff and cooking in a mess tin is rather familiar for me but this clip top mess tin is solid good quality and will serve well for any of the uses listed in the instructions. The flat-packed folding stove provided is a fine choice and works well for emergency use. My experience of using gel fuel is always that it tends to spread while burning and is relatively slow in heating water, but it usually lights easily from a flame, serves well as tinder to get wood burning and the acceptability of it for air travel is a welcome feature if you are taking this kit overseas.

    After scraping them to form a fluff, the waxed jute sticks light instantly by sparks from the ferro rod and are a great feature of Polymath kits. They are so good that you will probably be able to save the alcohol wipes for first aid use but they too are there as tinder if you need them. The ferro rod/whistle is a compact, convenient and effective choice to pack in the mess tin, though I’ll add a disposable lighter as a backup.

    Another thing I will add is a couple of conical paper coffee filters, for straining any particles out of water before adding purification tablets. Polymath suggest filtering through clothing and that can work but unless you have clean spare clothing available it can also add extra contamination, though the puritabs should deal with most of those if what you are wearing is all you have. The zip-lock pouch is very good for water storage so I have added the open-top poly bag in which the kit arrived to use for other purposes and it easily fit in the tin with all the standard items.

    Kendal Mint Cake, hot chocolate and a stock cube are sensible energy sources for emergencies. In cold conditions, I often make a hot drink with mint cake and have used it successfully with someone in hypothermia because it was easily taken and absorbed. The wooden spatula works fine for stirring any of the drinks until properly dissolved.

    I’ve used several examples of all Polymath’s light sources and types of compass and all have worked well. The necklace compass that came with my kit is spot on for accuracy and the little flashlight is superbly bright for its size. I haven’t yet tried the glowstick but it is big enough to serve as an effective position marker or light source and with the candle as an alternative in sheltered conditions it is a welcome feature. If, however, you were in a potentially lethal situation without sheltered conditions, the most urgent life saving item could well be the foil survival bag. This one is big enough and tough enough to actually do the job of protecting you until help arrived or conditions eased and you could get yourself out. The First Aid and other pieces of equipment are equally serviceable and well chosen.

    For legal reasons re the sale of edged items, this kit does not contain any cutting tools but anyone who has the sense to carry gear like this will undoubtedly also have a UK legal multi-blade pocket knife or multi-tool available.

    Over all, this is an extremely well thought out and chosen kit for bag or pack or car or workplace locker storage, for use in a wide variety of common emergencies.
    Another classic from Polymath.

  2. Andy Froy

    Not really one for Survival tins… But when I saw what you guys were working on I instantly had to have one! Wasn’t disappointed, every single item in the kit has a purpose!! Can’t wait to really put it to the test…
    Thank you 👍

  3. Pete (verified owner)

    Decent well put together quality product. I’ve added some waterproof matches and a knife. This kit is perfect for stashing in the boot of the car or a rucksack and will certainly supplement my EDC. As with all polymath products I have it’s built to last, thanks guys I’d definitely recommend

  4. Cal.

    There’s an excellent 16+ minute review of this kit on YouTube, by Kitbashed Survival, titled Polymath Products Premium Survival Kit.

    This is the most thoroughly considered kit that I have seen, and the tin is actually large enough to collect and boil water and to cook, and the non-stick coating is a real benefit.

    The designers have truly addressed the most important aspects required for a person to survive, and built their kit to include what’s necessary to genuinely enable survival.

    There is nothing that comes anywhere close to the capabilities of this remarkable, compact kit!

  5. Sam C (verified owner)

    Can’t fault this one besides possibly missing a knife. There’s a bit of room to add a few extra pieces to customize for your own needs, and this kit brought to my attention the need to include rehydration treatment to all my future kits.
    A well thought-out survival tin with a refreshing approach, I like the inclusion of the hot chocolate and kendal mint cake as a morale lifter and bit of fuel to keep you going. The tin is especially hardy and perfect for boiling water in.
    And at that price why not grab one, you’d pay more for less on amazon guaranteed.

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Container Dimensions: 175mm x 120mm x 60mm. Weight: 605g.