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Ultra-bright glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls. Ideal kit markers for coats, jackets, rucksacks and tent zippers.

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The brightest glow-in-the dark zipper pulls available. Readily charges in both daylight and artificial light, providing a visible glow for 12+ hours in darkness, night after night.

Small and unobtrusive with a highly durable TPU housing and cord, they are suitable for hard-wearing daily use. No batteries needed, with a useful lifespan of up to 20 years!

Tactile extension for zips, for easy zipping even when wearing bulky gloves. Double-sided glow element charges and emits light both front and back.

Easy to attach to your clothing and gear, and come supplied in packs of five or ten for multiple applications.

The Glo Zip is an ultra-bright glow-in-the-dark zipper pull, which serves as a practical and no-fuss way of kit marking your coats, jackets, rucksacks, tent zippers or gear that may be dropped or placed down in the dark.

It uses the latest in photoluminescent technology, which produces a potent glow after ‘charging’ by daylight, or any flashlight / light source. The long-lasting afterglow keeps your kit visible long into the night, which can be particularly useful for avoiding tripping over your rucksack or tent in the dark, or locating gear that has been dropped. They are easy to attach to your kit with the incorporated cord loop; simply pass the loop through the zipper hole, then pass the Glo Zip through the loop, and it’s done.

Most competitor GITD zipper pulls use moulded plastic parts or cord that can only be produced containing a small percentage of GITD pigment. This produces a weak glow that will fade quickly and be barely visible after half an hour or so of darkness.
The GITD cores of our zipper pulls use the highest grade, bright green 150µm strontium aluminate in high concentration with a binder, producing the longest possible afterglow times.
Both sides of the zipper pull glow, meaning it can be easily spotted whichever side is facing up.
Glo Zips are machine-washable, so no need to remove them from clothing when putting through the wash.

The Glo Zip is supplied as standard in packs of five or a value pack of ten.

Glo Zip dimensions: 21.88mm length x 17.03mm width x 4.90mm thickness. Cord loop length: 46mm. Weight 2.05g.
Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

2 reviews for Glo Zip

  1. David E Crossley

    This is an excellent little accessory for all sorts of uses. I bought a 5 pack; one will go on each of the 3 guy lines of our caravan awning, just above the tent pegs to stop me tripping over them, again(!), and 1 connected to the keyring hole on each of our torches in the caravan so that we can find them without fumbling in the dark.

    I’ve used other Polymath GITD items including Glo Tags, Tac Tags, Nav Beads, and others, so I know from experience that they are high among the best on the market, but I decided it was only right to check these out before use. I left all 5 on the windowsill in the light after the post arrived at 9a.m. – though on a decidely dull and rainy Scottish day in June – and took them into a darkened room at 10p.m. As befits their main purpose, the Glo Zips are much smaller than my previous items and clearly not intended for the likes of map reading but after a day in the light (I can’t call it ‘sun’!) they were all more than sufficient for finding things to which they were attached or as position markers. After 8 hours in the dark, I checked them next morning and they were understandably a lot less bright but still had enough glow to find a dark object to which they were attached and which you couldn’t otherwise see despite well-developed night vision. In fact, thinking back to times in my military history, it occurred to me that if worn on the back or placed behind them by a soldier who was stood-to before dawn it would make them easier to locate by a colleague approaching from behind, but the Glo Zip would not be be bright enough to give away their position to an enemy sneaking in from the front. If the soldiers then went into a counter attack they would be advancing and it would be light enough for the tag not to be a problem anyway.

    Since I ordered for my intended uses I’ve thought of other places they would be useful too, so I’ll undoubtedly end up buying another pack – I should have thought it through and bought the value pack of 10 in the first place, it’s cheaper than buying 2 packs of five!

  2. Harry Bowyer (verified owner)

    Ordered at 13:45 Monday and received before 11:00 Tuesday!

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Glo Zip dimensions: 21.88mm length x 17.03mm width x 4.90mm thickness.

Cord loop length: 46mm. Weight 2.05g.