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Mini Waterproof Notepad


100% water-resistant stone paper notebook, in an ultra-compact size.

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All-weather, all-purpose notepad, featuring 100% waterproof stone paper. Tiny and very lightweight; will go everywhere with you.

Ideal notepad for everyday use, at home or work, or for travel/outdoor use. Small enough to fit into almost any pocket, pouch, purse or handbag, and durable enough for use in all environments and weathers.

The Mini Waterproof Notepad is a 100% water-resistant stone paper notebook, that’s super compact and lightweight (weighs only 32 grams), so can be easily carried with you at all times.

The notepad can be used for jotting notes, quick sketches, doodles and lists, in whatever environment or situation you find yourself in.

The notepad has 50 sheets of wood-free stone paper, which is completely waterproof, as well as being highly resilient to dirt, mud and grease. The sheets are plain white, and the pad is spiral-bound with front and back covers of tough polypropylene.

No special pens required – you can use any regular biro, ball-point pen, pencil or write-anywhere pen with this pad. Please note: as with all waterproof surfaces, water-based inks are not compatible with the Mini Waterproof Notepad.

Ideal as an all-purpose, everyday carry notepad/jotter/memo pad, and really handy to have with you for all of your regular daily activities, shopping, travel, social, urban and outdoor adventures.

Notepad size: 76mm x 68mm x 13mm. Weight: 32g.


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100% waterproof wood-free stone paper. Resists water, grease, dust, mud & sweat.

Sheets: 50

Front and back cover material: Polypropylene

Notepad size: 76mm x 68mm x 13mm. Weight: 32g.