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High-visibility retroreflective zipper pulls.

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Retroreflective zipper pulls – to give clothing, bags or equipment an increased element of visibility in dark conditions. They reflect light back when a beam, such as a car headlight, is directed at them; just like a ‘cat’s eye’ seen on the roads.

Small and unobtrusive, with a highly durable TPU housing and cord, they are suitable for hard-wearing daily use. Going through the wash or tumble dryer will not affect their function.

Tactile extension for zips, for easy zipping even when wearing bulky gloves. Retroreflective surface both front and back.

Easy to attach to your clothing and gear, and come supplied in packs of four, allowing for multiple applications. Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, White, or a mixed pack with one of each colour.

The ZipFlector is an easy and unobtrusive way of adding some reflective detail to any zipper, increasing night-time visibility whilst providing a tactile puller. It can also be attached to many other loops or straps found on clothing, bags and equipment.

Each side has a ‘retroreflective’ surface, as can be found on high-visibility clothing, road signs and vehicles. This feature makes them ideal for adding extra visibility to clothing and equipment worn in the dark.

They can be added to children’s school clothing or bags, adding vital visibility when walking to school. Remaining low-profile and innocuous, as not every child appreciates a large reflective tag attached to them. These are easy to ‘sneak’ onto clothing and unlikely to be snagged, played with, stolen, or swapped with other children.

They are useful for adults too; anyone who regularly jogs or runs on, or near roads, cycles or has to walk on a road during dark hours. A mountaineer may wish to add some visibility to their jacket or rucksack. Sometimes our favourite sports clothing or bags have dark colours and don’t feature reflective detailing, but it’s easy to add some with ZipFlectors.

A few other uses include; marking your tent at a festival and making it easy to spot with a flashlight, attaching to dog collars and niche uses as trail markers, search and rescue equipment, etc.

Available in 4 different colours; Red, Yellow, Blue or White, providing great options for matching to clothing, or, acting as identifying tags for keys or clothing. White is functionally the brightest, as it reflects all light, but the other colours still provide great reflective properties.

The ZipFlector is supplied as standard in packs of four, available as single colour packs, or a mixed pack of four, with one of each colour included.

ZipFlector dimensions: 24.5mm length x 18.0mm width x 5.0mm thickness. Cord loop length: 50mm. Weight 1.95g. Made in the UK by Polymath Products.


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ZipFlector dimensions: 24.5mm length x 18.0mm width x 5.0mm thickness.

Cord loop length: 50mm.

Weight 1.95g.